The rise of a star

Let’s imagine a talent incubator, because Passion 4 is an instrumental investment project in sports growth. A young athlete needs an entourage that becomes for him like another family: a hothouse of technical teachings and economic support to grow in the best possible conditions.

We have a long-term development plan and if they ask us an adjective to describe ourselves, we choose the word “organic”. Because the athlete’s “organism” is a team of coaches, mental coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists, promoters, image consultants, sponsors, and investors.


A team built to develop talent

This is how we do it. We choose a talent of the Italian sporting industry and we build a team around him:


A pool of professionals in the sector to activate its sporting value.


A budget of financial resources thanks to his supporting members.


A growth program by step and resulting benefits for investors between return on image and economic incentives.


A vehicle company, subject to equity crowdfunding, which finances his career: assuming the costs of maintenance and preparation of the athlete, conveyed by revenues from sponsorship and prize money.


Grow. Invest. Excite. Deliver.

How many times have we heard: He is good, but he doesn’t focus.
We thought it was the sports bending of a timeless school thought: He’s good, but he doesn’t work.

What if PASSION4 had the ambition to stop the waste of talent?

Put us to the test: let us grow and invest in sports talent, with the promise to get you excited and achieve results. We will show you that the limits of athletes are opportunities. And that the “I want, because I can” is more beautiful than a “I do, because I must”.